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Man Alive in Manchester & Media City

Release, Relax, Unwind

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of Massage

Welcome to Man Alive in Manchester & Media City where I offer a place for men to become more fully alive as they are opened up with energy through massage or Reiki in my experienced hands.   


I discovered the magik and energy there is in man on man touch and massage. I found out what it can do and want to share that with you. I can treat aches and pains; relieve tension and stress held in muscles; induce deep relaxation; awaken and enliven the whole body; create a pleasurable and sensual experience and be a channel for healing. I certainly hope the benefits of time spent in this way are not just experienced during the massage but can feed into your wellbeing afterwards. It may also help you to get more in touch with your own body and feel more fully alive.


I have created a warm, homely, space with men in mind. Peace and calm fill the room to help ease all anxiety and stress away. In that relaxed state the intimate connection allows energy to flow through body, mind and spirit. I tailor the massage to your needs and requests. I work from home which is near Manchester City Centre, just outside Salford Quays, near Media City. If you come by car, parking is free and easy and on public transport the tram and bus stops are very close. My working time is flexible from early morning to late in the evening. Shower facilities are available before or after the massage if you want to use them.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Swedish Massage

I am fully trained in whole body Swedish Massage which is the basic western type of massage. It is a therapeutic massage which is de-stressing and relaxing but also tones up muscles and skin, releases tensions held in muscles and generally improves feelings of well being. This combined with some deep tissue or myofascial release is what I suggest to those whose primary concerns are stress and aches and pains. Whole body massage lasts 1 hour and I use coconut oil without any added fragrance. Where concern is about a limited part of the body half hour sessions can be booked.   

Naturist Massage

My naturist massage as the name indicates is performed naked. Unlike Swedish Massage in which the body is uncovered part by part in Naturist Massage the whole body is exposed and this allows a more holistic approach to the 

massage with longer sweeping strokes and more body to body contact. This connection with the whole body is enlivening,  gives deep relaxation with a more sensual than therapeutic massage. It lasts an hour. 

30 min massages

Any 30 min Massage will be £30.

These cannot be booked online. 

Massage Table Hire

Discounts are available to students with a student card.

Professional massage tables are available for hire for personal or corporate use. The daily charge is £15 and within a 5 mile radius this includes delivery and collection. An additional charge per mile would be made for delivery and collection beyond this. 

Tantric Massages

Tantric Massages are an Eastern way and come from a different spirituality & philosophy to that in the West. We connect as energy bodies as well as physical bodies with energy centres that include our sexual energies. So these massages are energetic, spiritual and may be sensual, loving, healing or pleasuring. Massage offers one way into the transformative journey of Tantra and I am happy to be your guide on the start of this journey. All massages are given with energetic connection and begin with some form of honouring. I am happy to discuss this in detail and I recognise that massages will last at least 90 minutes and some would require much longer. Everything will be clear with what the relevant charge is before we start.

Reiki Healing

I offer Reiki Healing which is a universal healing. I have level 2 attunement. Unlike massage the hands remain static in the designated places over the whole body but there might be a focus to a specific area of the body in need of healing. 

Salford Soak

Relax before your massage in a hot bath with spa salts, followed by a fragrant fruity body wash and scrub. Everything you need for deep relaxation and 

cleansing in preparation for the massage.


Let me know if you need a pubic shave added to any other service.


Hans Slider

M5 4UG

Tel: 0795 638 0731

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